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Intellerts Academy believes in the power of knowledge sharing through contact. As a technology company, we collect and transmute practical knowledge on Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of things into fellowship programmes and training for the private and public sector.

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The Academy has three tracks:

Data Fellowship Program
focuses on assessment, preparation and development of young professionals and existing population of organisations in areas such as Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things. But also, the soft skills as organisational science, consulting skills, business analysis, project- and programme management, presentation and the application of gathered knowledge within complex corporate structures.

Training, workshops and practicum
focus on technological development and innovation within the branch or market of the entrants, educating them on the current and the future impact on their activities. But also enable them to learn new methods and technics which they can apply in a safe and secure environment preparing them for the future workplace.

In-company training and re-education
focus on the development of the existing population of employees within the organisation. The training programme is tailored made for the situation and knowledge of the target population of the organisation.

Enhancing your expertise in

Artificial Intelligence



The Internet of Things

Offering – Berenschot Intellerts Academy


Our offering includes specific programs (training, workshops, practical) designed jointly with our clients. With our clients as partners we assure that the programs developed in-house match the specific needs of the organization. All relevant components (content, planning, length, goal, focus group, complexity, and study load) of the program will be designed towards these specific needs. We are able to use our experienced data specialists and have access to a broad network of experts to facilitate the programs.

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