Why partner with Intellerts?

Consultancy firms come to Intellerts when they are experiencing difficulties with large amounts of fragmented customer data. In short, they cannot produce the advanced, data-driven insights of their customers, enabling to boost their operation and P&L.

How? Consultancy firms can seamlessly apply data science through our convenient, fast, and cost efficient platform. Our data scientists also provide them with flexible professional services.
You can, for example, learn how to work independently from our professional services and become self-sufficient. Or you can ask our professional data scientists to work with your existing teams. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

The result? Based on our advanced, analytical insights, your consultancy firm can improve customers performance levels across multiple domains including Customer Profitability, Operational Efficiency and Sales Optimization.

What problems do consultancy firms face?

Examples of where to apply
advanced analytics for your customers

Advanced analytics
Advanced analytics
Marketing & Sales
Advanced analytics

Typical pain points we cover for consultancy firms

Benefits of working with Intellerts

When you work with Intellerts, you get access to an end-to-end AI and analytical solution, integrated seamlessly with your services to provide advanced insights. The result? You get more accurate insights, faster, helping you boost the efficiency of your business, explore alternative earning models and additional customer value.
For consultancy companies, it is time-consuming to onboard, integrate and analyze data. Intellerts does this faster, deeper and broader – so that consultants can focus on what they are good at – interpreting insights and translating these analyzes into advisory, actions and positive results.
Many consultancy companies start analyses from scratch for each project. This is often seen in the diagnosis phase where the same type of analyzes and insights are used, independent of the customer or the underlying data and systems (e.g. ERP). With our “Out of the Box Analytics”, Intellerts provides a portfolio of analyses, each of which is simple and quick to create – providing consultants with super-fast initial insights.
Intellerts offers an end-to-end data science environment, through the cloud or on-premise. We keep the complexity away for the end-users through our platform’s intuitive interface. Here, a range of applications and technologies are presented in an easy-to-understand way. Plus, we often find the sum of the individual license costs for your own data science stack is often much higher than the cost of the Intellerts platform, while the same (or more) functionalities are offered.
Intellerts platform and professional services are fully compliant with GDPR and certified by ISO27001.
Consultancy companies often state there is a “conflict of interest” regarding the “ownership” of the customer relationship when collaborating with data science companies. Intellerts is a technology company that specializes in supporting consultants to deploy Data Science and AI – and therefore we have no interest in the relationship with your end customers (except for the functional contacts we have during projects and always under the direction of the consultancy company we work for).
  • More, deeper and data driven insights will provide better solutions.
  • The seamless inclusion of Data Science and AI in their services gives consultancy companies a competitive advantage.
Intellerts enables consultancy companies to offer “ongoing monitoring” analyses for their customers. These are refreshed regularly when using a subscription-based model. Our platform is multi-tenant – which means that we can give consultants access to our platform and they can give access to their customers. This access is role based – so they can determine who gets access to what analyses.

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