Intellerts Academy

Intellerts Academy is there to help organisations drive and realise the potential and value of data and create a data driven enterprise.

To do this effectively employees must be able to advise, develop and create strategies that drive genuine change and deliver a return on investment. Intellerts Academy leverages its technology heritage and knowledge to provide tailored training, delivering insights and tools to enhance knowledge for employees.


The Intellerts Academy delivers a variety tailored programmes to enhance the skills of employees.

Our approach is to use ‘learning by reflection’ i.e. doing rather than talking about it. To do this we use real-life case studies and projects in and out of the classroom.

The Academy has three tracks:


Data Fellowship Program

The Intellerts Fellowship gives young professionals and employees the opportunity to develop themselves into a qualified data consultant over a period of two years. We help to develop a hybrid combination of skills which include change management and communications. The participants are expected to follow an intensive program including the delivery of several live projects.

The role of the data consultant is to support organizations; to translate requirements and wishes from the business into solutions. At the same time, they must be able to spot the opportunities to enhance the organizations operations and do things differently through advanced data analysis.

A good consultant is skilled in data analysis and visualisation and can communicate effectively with different parts of the business as well as defining requirements and instructing the delivery teams. The data consultant bridges the gap between organizations core business, primary processes, IT and data science teams.


In-company Training

This is where we focus on the development of the existing population of employees within the organization. The training program is tailor-made to suit the current knowledge, culture and structure of each individual organization.


Data Workshops

Intellerts Academy provides data workshops in which the participants get the opportunity to explore the value of data and use data in a practical way. In these workshops we combine an introduction to analytics & data science and demonstrate working with data challenges. We provide attendees with practical experience through a simple step by step approach to master data and advanced analytics.