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Capitalise on
Big Data potential

The amount of internal and external data available to enterprises has grown explosively.

Still, many companies struggle to capitalise on Big Data’s potential. Capitalising on data goes beyond applying smart software solutions. Turning data into insights that generate operational, tactical and strategic competitive advantages is a key company asset, as it immediately benefits its bottom line. So why wait any longer?



Are you ready?

To what extent is your organisation ready for a data-driven
transformation? You can now find out easily through the
Berenschot Intellerts’ systematic joint assessment, which
covers 6 main areas and 36 big data-related subjects.

The assessment delivers a snapshot of a company’s current
state of progress in terms of big data, and provides a
straightforward and practical roadmap of the next steps to

Transformation is a matter of team effort

Data, systems, organisations and cultures in silos are well known challenges enterprises face when turning into data-driven organisations.

The transformation requires all stakeholders to be committed and involved right from the start. Full participation of all stakeholders is essential to create the momentum for success.

Readiness assessment in five clear steps

  1. Kick-off meeting with key stakeholders to agree on: objectives, selection of participants, composition of the assessment questionnaire, and the setup of the workshop.
  2. Distribution of assessment questionnaires, with full clarification for participants.
  3. Collection of questionnaires, processing data and summarising findings in preparation for the workshop.
  4. Workshop: step 1 – discuss key findings and conclude by filling in the Maturity Spider; step 2 -setup of the Data-Driven Cycle.
  5. Summarise outcomes and create shared high-level roadmap.

What does the Maturity Spider for your organisation look like?

Of course, our Big Data Readiness Assessment is tailored to the size of your organisation, but the basic principles apply for all assessments, regardless of size.


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