Problems we solve

Our team of Data Scientists exploit the full power of data, algorithms and technologies into business solutions.

Customer Segmentation

The amount of data available to marketing and sales efforts has grown tremendously. Next to that there are many different solutions offered to increase efficiencies in the execution of marketing and sales processes.

We offer a holistic view of the marketing and sales processes, understand their interdependencies and create a clear roadmap to better utilize companies’ resources. Our integrated approach takes companies through the process from market discovery up to execution.


Customer Churn

Retaining customers is still one of the key improvement areas for most businesses. Increasing retention or reducing churn has an immediate impact on company’s bottom-line results.

We have a long-standing experience from many different industries where we have significantly improved retention rates with the advanced analytics approach we developed.

Data Strategies & Warehousing

Managing proliferated applications is becoming one of the key challenges for many companies. On the one hand many companies don’t have the oversight of their current data sources, and on the other hand there is a strong need to start uncovering the potential that is hiding in all the data silo’s.

We help companies developing a basic data strategy by laying out what is needed to create solutions for growth, exploring the value that is currently locked in all the various systems.


Dynamic Forecasting

Intellerts develops advanced forecasting models allowing to leverage real-time signals to create revised projections of demand on a daily basis. Users can apply this information to minimize stock-outs, manage risks, predict customer behaviour and improve services.

Complex Event Processing

Our platforms continuously monitor and combine data from multiple data sources. The user receives alerts to critical events and can take immediate actions. The systems automatically trigger responses (intelligent decision automation) or provide situation awareness for decision support.


BI/Dashboards / Reporting

Intellerts analytic engine performs active invisible analysis and provides the insights via intuitive and rich real-time dashboards, reports based on advance BI tools. The user can quickly grasp the overall state of the business, track key performance indicators (KPIs) or drill into dashboard elements to get additional information and process details

Business Activity Monitoring

Intellers provide real-time visibility into large volumes of business data, processes and events for continuous insights to make fast and informed decisions. The technology improves the speed and effectiveness of business operations by keeping track of what is happening now and raising awareness of issues as soon as they are detected.


Intelligent Business Process Optimization

Intellerts solves complex optimization problems by employing adaptable and self-learning artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms evaluate the important constraints (budgets, time, resources, quality etc.) influencing the optimal results. As a result, the system generates the most effective decision.

NLP & Text Analytics

Giving structure to text is becoming an area where AI techniques are being applied. We provide practical support to mine unstructured text data in order to improve business processes or to develop decision support systems.


Intelligent Credits risk monitoring solution (Early Warning Systems)

Self-learning AI algorithms can recognize companies’ activities that are affecting financial risks. Intellerts has a broad experience in developing Early Warning Systems for banks and FinTechs.

“What if” Simulation

The real-time decision making is based on simulation methods. “What if” simulation allows users to evaluate various scenarios in a risk-free environment and to make the right decisions when circumstances and constraints change quickly. Simulation technique empowers the knowledge workers with the tools to advise about the best or next best actions.


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