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We have developed over 30 Data Science and AI solutions in a broad range of industries and application areas.


Decision support system for SME Lending

Based on Artificial intelligent techniques

Adaptive decision support systems and credit scoring support financial institutions and service providers to expand their business, through advanced risk-based pricing and efficient lending management based on:

  • Automated decision support system for SME lending (robotic process)
  • AI algorithms for risk management & risk scoring (machine learning)
  • Big data platform for great performance (technologies)
  • New Business model/product development based on availabilities of new technologies (methodologies)

Intelligent Banking Ecosystem

Based on Artificial Intelligent and Blockchain techniques

The sustainable financial ecosystem is built on trust, transparency, high automation and close integrity of financial supply chain parties. Based on Advance Analytics technologies, we design and develop the environment, where financial services will be provided on demand with adaptive conditions for each customer and lender.

Intelligent financial logistic Management Solution

Powered by AI, BI and Big Data techniques

AI based solutions optimize the financial logistic management of activities, an efficient cash supply and an optimal stock management of Enterprises and Banks. Reports, dashboards and metrics are designed to drive decisions that enhance business performance in real time. Efficient and optimal management of resources and processes allows to achieve significant savings in the financial logistical processes.

Company Health Monitoring Platform

Based on AI techniques and Business Intelligence System

The platform enables professionals provide their customers with valuable insights for sales, customer analytics, inventory management, HR and finance. The adaptive decision support system provides recommendations for organizations on operational, tactical and strategic levels. The predictive aspects of the platform providing warning signals in real time, enabling the accountants to help their customers directly, giving them market and organizational advantage.

Advanced Analytics Platform for Accounting and Audit

Powered by AI, BI and Big Data techniques

The accounting performance management platform is based on Business Intelligence (BI) and AI algorithms. The platform provides new accounting services like continuous monitoring and supports audit processes with advanced analytics.

Advanced Market Analytics System

Based on Share of Wallet Modelling

By providing a detailed mapping of company profiles, we are quantifying market opportunities at micro level. This allows businesses to get deep insight in market share per region and sector and it’s a unique opportunity to improve the sales coverage.

Preventive Maintenance in real-estate

Powered by Big Data & AI

Intelligent Risk Management Systems predicting the risk of building damage due to subsidence. AI models calculate risks subsidence based on maintenance information, environmental information and satellite measurements. It visualizes the high-risk areas and buildings. The system supports the local government to take preventive actions and support houseowners to plan and execute maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance System

Powered by IoT & AI

Intelligent monitoring systems improve the business performance and device management for service maintenance companies. To do so the devices are clustered into groups with similar behavior, anomalies are detected, and predictive alerting is being used to support the planning processes and to reduce the amount of failure.

Intelligent Preventive Health Care

Based on Smart devises and AI

By using wearables, smart devices and artificial intelligence algorithms, the system analyses health data and provides recommendations, combining prognostic insights and findings from medical professionals.

Big Data Scan

Readiness Assessment

To what extent is your organization ready for a data-driven transformation?  The systematic joint assessment which covers six main areas and 36 data-related subjects helps you to discover the data maturity of your organization.

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