Types of analyses

types of analyses

In data science projects, different types of analyses are performed. These may include prediction, classification, pattern finding, forecasting, etc. You may also have to perform data clustering, sorting and trend analysis. These analyses can be done in one of two ways. Either with traditional statistics or with machine learning techniques. It’s important to realize that […]

The process of decision making

process of decision making

When you are in the process of decision making, what should you prioritize? Simply put, your data and access to that data must be a top priority. If you look at the value that your data loses over time and plot it on a graph, you will see that the most value is lost at […]

The Journey of implementing AI

the journey of implementing AI

Implementing AI is a long road. But what do you need to succeed on this journey? Many companies want to implement AI in some shape or form. But they need to understand that AI is not a plug and play solution. It is a journey you need to go on. And it’s important to consider […]

AI is not plug and play

AI is not plug and play. Data science is not plug and play either. We know the steps to take to make something work. The components for this process are crucial. Some of these components are algorithms and tools. But they’re not as free as they often claim to be. It’s important to realize that. […]

Is AI going to make things easy?

Is AI going to make things easy?

In this video, Martin Haagoort, CEO of Intellerts, gives his opinion to a very common question: Is AI going to make things easy? “Sometimes, AI appears to be the solution to every problem we have. It certainly feels like there are only success stories in the realm of AI. But when is AI actually going […]

Who is a Data Scientist?

Martin Haagoort, CEO of Intellerts, answers the question: Who is a Data Scientist? “Who is a Data Scientist? Apparently, it’s one of the most sexiest job in the world. Everyone apparently wants to be a data scientist and maybe that’s a good thing. Well, what is it exactly? Is it someone that has so many […]


8 steps in Data Science

OUR 8-STEP DATA SCIENCE MODEL We have defined an 8-step Data Science model, providing a framework for managing your data science projects. In this section, we explain how you can organize your work to help you use data analytics to streamline your Data Science initiatives. This 8-step model works at every stage of your Data […]

Can you mine your data?

UNDERSTANDING DATA What is a data-driven organization? Are all companies not data driven, to some extent? Why are we now labelling this as something new? Is it because we have now labeled data as a precious substance? When it comes to Data Science, there’s a lot of confusion. Everyone is jumping on the AI bandwagon. […]