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The story of

your business and

customers is best

told by your data

Unveiling the secrets of your data is the most exciting part of our business. It makes our hearts beat faster. For each of our customers, we’ve discovered new and previously unknown patterns in data – insights and relationships which had not been identified before.

These patterns enlighten our clients, bringing them new insights and unique solutions that enhance or even completely change their business model.

Our core capabilities consist of three main subjects

On strategic, tactical and operational levels, companies are always looking for possibilities to improve, adapt or change their business models through distinct types of innovation. At Intellerts we have a thorough understanding of business, IT and data, as well as the ability to guide you and your company through each step of data-driven transformation.

The main application of our knowledge varies from retail to industry and from banking to government. But our core capabilities lie in the fields of Financial Technologies (FinTech) and Customer Analytics.

The Intellerts approach

A data-driven transformation has a great organisational impact as the enterprise must deal with increased technological complexity

At Intellerts, we have all the necessary experts to help you reach your goals step by step, jointly developing a solution for your organisation. Raising the rights questions at the strategic, tactical and operational levels is fundamental and at the core of our approach, defining the right internal and external data sources and working towards the first insights that will lead to the solution.

This way, we help our customers achieve a data-driven environment, guiding them through each step of the process in the pace that fits the data maturity level of the organisation.