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The explosive growth of rapidly changing and increasingly real-time data offers unprecedented opportunities for private and public businesses on practically all levels of the organisation. Because of this development, companies and corporations are on the eve of a transformation towards a more data-driven delivery of products and services. This development requires new skills necessary in the field of data science and IT, in addition to the further evolution of the organisations.


Martin Haagoort

Dr. Darius Dilijonas

Mindaugas Leonavičius

Frank van der Meer

Glenn Elberse

It takes three to tango

In order to successfully implement the Big Data projects, it is essential for ‘the business’ IT and data science within the organisation to find common ground and understanding and to work on projects and their execution. Data science as a knowledge field is still in development, and for many companies, it is still an uncharted territory – often with a steep learning curve.

Immense potential, but stringent requirements

The potential is huge, and the applications of Big Data are broad and diverse. But in all cases, the fundamental data science skills and IT knowledge are always mandatory.

Data science, Big Data technologies and Data Innovation are the core activities of Intellerts. We make sure that the distance between your organisation and the data scientists at the centre of analysis and algorithms is minimised, and kept that way.

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