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Data science solution
You cannot rely on advanced analytics, BI and Machine Learning models alone to optimize your business. You must also rely on specialist experts. To achieve this, you need the right tools to streamline your collaboration and communication efforts. These tools allow you to escalate problems, develop new solutions and automate your data analytics activities. Our platform is built around four key technology blocks;
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  • Platform to manage your big, fast and smart data
  • Advanced analytics as a service system
  • Data product delivery and collaboration platform
Data science solution
data science

Who is it for?

data science

Our integrated, modular data management and analytics platform is suitable for business consultants, financial experts, business analysts and data analysts. Both expert and non-expert users can develop accurate insights and new data-driven services with ease.

Platform components

Data science platform

The development of AI and advanced analytics applications is very different from traditional software solutions. Analytics development is experimental in nature. You typically use different processes, technologies and talent.

This is why our platform is based around a concept called the “data science laboratory”. This lab is comprised of a selection of powerful components. Each development stage is performed in this “lab” environment, which is separate from your other systems to minimize disruption to your normal business operations.

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Data science platform

Whether you’re in the data exploration stage, experimentation phase with your predictive models or developing your prototypes – this lab uses a series of rapid iterations to accelerate your development lifecycle.

Our data science laboratory provides the right tools and media for professional data scientists to develop advanced data products, including specialized financial planning and business performance management solutions – often using pre-built models.

Our data science laboratory provides flexible and scalable technologies to handle the changing demands of your analytics applications. It can handle new data and new modelling techniques with ease. It is modular. So, you can seamlessly port your developed solutions into the laboratory environment.

You can port this code using the latest development practices, including DevOps and MLOps principles. DevOps provides continuous development and MLOps automates your workflows. Both DevOps and MLOps can accelerate your development lifecycle and improve the quality of your solutions.

You can also use this functionality across different environments. This includes your data sandbox, data product playground, data science environment and data experimentation environments.

Automation is a key feature. In our platform, you can automate everything from your data integration to your data transformation and storage, data management and data analytics processes. Our platform provides a vast range of data product deployment solutions. It comes with full support and a range of automated scaling solutions, which rely on techniques including RPA, real-time analytics, advanced analytics, and ML.

We offer a rich suite of out-of-the-box analytical solutions for a wide range of business domains. We also provide an extensive portfolio of business analytics operations to accelerate your business analysis processes. These analytical solutions include exploratory analytics for finance, marketing and sales analytics, and procurement and inventory management analytics.

All of these components are managed and accessed through a cloud computing environment. This provides your business with the scalability to use the right computational resources at the right time, while also reducing your costs and O&M responsibilities.

Ultimately, our platform provides your business with the right solutions to create leading technologies and best practices to take your analytical capabilities to the next level.

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