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Intellerts: House of Data Science

We design and build Data Science solutions. From strategy to execution, we lay the foundations for your business to create a robust Data Science solution. By using the right combination of tools and technologies, we can develop solutions to quickly support your data-driven approach.

We can come in-house and help you build up your existing capabilities, run your Data Science solutions as an outsourced service, or combine an in-house/outsourced Data Science capability.

Providing an integrated and collaborative approach

We support every step of your Data Science journey. We support your data collection, data preparation and data quality tasks. We analyze this information using a range of techniques. These include advanced BI, statistical modelling and Machine Learning techniques. Our platform can support your transition from idea to concept to launch, and beyond. We’re Lean and we’re here every step of the way for your business.

Maximize your performance every step of the way

Data Science requires top-level performance in every step of the process: from working in the exploration phase, in the model phase, or in the production phase. This is no easy task, especially in today’s cloud-centric world. This is where our Edge Analytics solutions can help. They guarantee high-performance for your data analytics, at every phase of your project.


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Our Data Science offering

Professional Services

• BI/AI Data Analytics & Modelling

• Data Science Consultancy around Data Processing, Modern BI, AI & ML solutions.

• Assessment and recommendations of the current data science environment.

• Extend your team with our Data Science Centre of Excellence capabilities


We have built over 30 Data Science and AI solutions. Our experience is second-to-none, supporting operational excellence for a range of cross-industry clients and finance professionals. This includes use cases in FinTech, procurement, inventory, and risk management.


Our AIFA® Data Science Platform streamlines your BI, data processing and AI tasks. From onboarding data to the sharing of powerful and actionable insights, our intuitive workflow streamlines your end2end data process in a efficient and secure way.

Data science for ...


Consultants are key to any digital transformation. They translate your changing business and customer needs into your technical requirements. We can support your consultants, helping them become true ‘translators’, making impact based on data-driven insights.

Business leaders

Every manager is now a data-driven decision-maker. To keep up, managers must boost their Data Science and AI skills. We can fill these knowledge gaps, helping today’s managers go in the right digital direction.

Data Scientists

From data engineering to AI automation and data visualization, there are many data science specialisms. It’s impossible for your data scientists to master every element of your data journey. We can help you fill these gaps.


Discover how we combine data and the latest technology to turn ideas into reality,
stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, and hear from industry leaders
about what’s possible and learn how you can add value based on data.

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About Intellerts
the data science company

When we combined a consulting firm and a university spin-off, Intellerts was born.

Combining business acumen with the boldness and innovation demanded by today’s tech industry, we apply pragmatism and a wealth of corporate experience to every project.

We now have years of experience, exploring challenging business problems using the incredible power of tech and data as our guide.

Our expert team is the glue, bringing together the tech, processes and people to make data purposeful for our clients.

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