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Creating intelligent lending models using invoice data streams and AI

Most risk credit scoring systems are slow and inaccurate, compared to what the market demands. By applying AI and big data technologies, we can create dynamic risk models using real-time transactional data. This leads to improved credit qualification, improved risk assessment and reduced credit risk where credit risk signals are identified earlier, by at least three months. The benefits include:

  • Adaptive decision support systems and credit scoring support for financial institutions and service providers to expand their business, through advanced risk-based pricing and efficient lending management based on:
    • Automated decision support system for SME lending (robotic process),
    • AI algorithms for risk management and risk scoring (machine learning),
    • Big data platform for great performance (technologies),
    • New business model/product development based on availabilities of new technologies (methodologies).

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Create actionable insights for credit risk management

Most risk monitoring systems are slow and inaccurate, compared to what the market now demands. By applying AI and big data technologies, we can help your credit risk management department move faster and improve its risk management precision, as well as better managing your risk department’s workloads. This can help you identify credit risk months earlier, reducing handling times and costs by over 40%. We provide:

  • Decision support for credit risk departments and financial service providers.
  • Adaptive decision support systems supporting financial institutions and service providers, through advanced monitoring of credit portfolios.
  • Automated alerting using configurable business rules and AI (actionable insights).
  • Advanced algorithms for risk identification through multiple risk categories and pattern recognition (machine learning).
  • Cloud-based platform for rapid and secure deployment.

Decision support system
for SME Lending

Based on Artificial intelligent techniques

Intelligent Financial Logistic
Management Solution

Powered by AI, BI and Big Data techniques

AI based solutions optimize the financial logistic management of activities, an efficient cash supply and an optimal stock management of Enterprises and Banks. Reports, dashboards and metrics are designed to drive decisions that enhance business performance in real-time. Efficient and optimal management of resources and processes allows to achieve significant savings in the financial logistical processes.

Company Health
Monitoring Platform

Based on AI techniques and Business Intelligence System
The platform enables professionals provide their customers with valuable insights for sales, customer analytics, inventory management, HR and finance. The adaptive decision support system provides recommendations for organizations on operational, tactical and strategic levels. The predictive aspects of the platform providing warning signals in real time, enabling the accountants to help their customers directly, giving them market and organizational advantage.

Advanced Analytics Platform
for Accounting and Audit

Powered by AI, BI and Big Data techniques
The accounting performance management platform is based on Business Intelligence (BI) and AI algorithms. The platform provides new accounting services like continuous monitoring and supports audit processes with advanced analytics.

Advanced Market
Analytics System

Based on Share of Wallet Modelling
By providing detailed mapping of company profiles, we are quantifying market opportunities at a micro-level. This allows businesses to get a deep insight into market share per region and sector and it’s a unique opportunity to improve the sales coverage.

“Data Science takes the guesswork/emotions out of answering business questions by applying logic and mathematics to find better solutions.”

Ken Poirot

Millions in savings for a world-leading bank

Forecasting ATM transactions for International Bank

For a large bank with over 150 branches, we optimized logistics handling of cash in transit using our expertise in AI, BI and Big Data techniques for International Bank. Dormant cash levels were reduced by over 40% and logistical costs were reduced by more than $2 million.

We provided International Bank with:

  • AI-based solutions to optimize the financial logistic management of its activities, providing an efficient cash supply and planning system for the corporation’s banks.
  • Dashboards with reports and metrics designed to drive decisions, allowing the bank to enhance its business performance in real-time.
  • Efficient and optimal management of resources and processes, achieving significant savings across the bank’s financial logistical processes.

AI solution props up subsiding houses

Our decision support system predicts the risks of subsidence
Data Science to prevent subsiding houses

The western part of the Netherlands is subsiding faster than sea-levels are increasing. This is a significant challenge for today’s real estate industry. Our AI-based predictions provided the necessary insights to manage risk and reduce monitoring costs by more than 60%. We provided:

  • Intelligent risk management systems to predict the risk of building damage due to subsidence.
  • AI models to calculate the risks of subsidence based on maintenance information, environmental information and satellite measurements.
  • Intuitive data visualizations of the high-risk areas and buildings.
  • A system supporting the local government, helping it take preventive action and support home owners to plan and execute the necessary maintenance.
Data Science to prevent subsiding houses


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