Finance 4.0

September 29, 2022
8.30 - 16.50
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Key topics

  • Learning how AI is revolutionizing finance industry
  • Building sustainable financial services
  • Reshaping the digital customer journey
  • Understanding how AI is benefiting customers
  • Implementation of strong security and fraudulent strategies
  • Discussing experiences with real-time and automated engagements

We’ll be speaking about:

AI, a Blessing or a Threat?

  • AI a red herring?
  • The truth about AI
  • You need BI to understand AI

Where: Amsterdam

When: September 29th & 30th (Intellerts on the 29th at 14:00)

More on: https://conferenziaworld.com/finance-4-0-digitalization-and-transformation-conference-p0422/



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September 29, 2022
8.30 - 16.50
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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