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At Intellerts, we design and build Data Science solutions. From strategy to execution, we lay the foundations for your business and create robust Data Science solutions.

Using Microsoft Azure, we can help you build a single source of truth. We connect all your data: structured, semi-structured, unstructured, or live streams.

Use Azure Data Platform for better performance, flexibility, and security. We can help you build, deploy and manage your projects.

What problems can Azure Platform solve?


Having data sources spread across your organization can be a hassle. We streamline your systems: it will help you easily find and share data.


Gaining insights from a vast data lake brings unique challenges. We help you analyze the massive varieties and fast speeds of incoming data.


We assist with Azure Data Processing, Modern BI, AI & ML solutions, with real-time analytics. Never miss an opportunity again.
Data Explosion
AI/ML Adoption
If you have multiple data sources spread across your organization, we can streamline your offering to help you find and share data.

Business Values of Azure Data Platform

Key Challenges


Azure provides a pay-as-you-go model. Never pay for what you don’t use.


Don’t let data processing get in the way of your insights. Azure includes prebuilt data connectors for data integration and massively parallel processing. Coupled with our Data Science and AI solutions, this enables faster time-to insight.


Be assured that your data-driven decisions are accurate. We help you to build confidence and trust with high-quality data. We streamline your BI, data processing and AI.
Cost Savings
Accelerate time to insights
Trust your data
Azure provides a pay as you go model while accelerating your data processing to improve productivity and provide cost savings.

The Process

What you will be doing with us



Pilot a solution for your use case. Experience the power of Azure’s Data Platform.


Value Creation

Develop ready-to-use solutions that align with your organization’s needs.



Increase the adoption speed by providing access and preparing for growth. Step up to advanced analytics and ML.

Our Areas of Expertise

azure Data Migration

The first step is to accelerate the time to insights.

Identify essential data assets when preparing for data migration. We review your existing data structures to improve data collection, aggregation, and transformation processes. Additionally, we provide a road map when migrating to Azure or other hybrid approaches.

azure Data Engineering
Build a modern data platform to power your analytics.

Significant data engineering maturity is needed to prepare for advanced analytics. Expertise in integrating, transforming,
storing, and tuning of data infrastructures is required.
Intellerts offers data engineering expertise. We work with your teams to manage and optimize your data operations in the cloud.

Our Services: Data Architecture, Data Lakes, Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Modern BI , AI/ML
Machine Learning
Predict the future and stay competitive.

Machine Learning will provide you with more profound insights into complex data sources. Develop a competitive advantage by applying predictive techniques. Intellerts can help you develop models, train, and make sure this integrates to your decision-making processes.

Our Services: Anomaly Detection, Recommendation System, Forecasting
We offer decision support services including: forecasting, anomaly detection
Data Quality
& Governance
Build trust in data for all your data-driven decisions.

Businesses suffer because of their lack of data quality and governance; this is a sure way to destroy company value. Next to that companies need stronger data management
processes to ensure compliance and security. Intellerts offers
a way to use the Azure platform to solidify your data
management in such a way that you will comply and retain
data value.

We offer services for Data Quality Monitoring, Data Compliance and Security Management

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