onAIr episode #2 | Natural Language Processing

Want to know more about NLP? Then watch onAIr on 30 November! The second episode of onAIr zooms in on Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP allows companies to reuse the knowledge in their unstructured text data.  Sign up and watch on Tuesday November 30 at 10 AM! Register via this link: https://on-air.ai/en/register/  

NVIDIA GTC 2021 Conference and Trainings

The GTC is an inspiring global conference that brings together innovators and creators of AI, discussing topics like computer graphics and data science! What will Jensen Huang’s keynote reveal? Save the date: November 9, 2021 / 9:00 am (CET) Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and learnings of AI – join this global experience hosted […]

ICIST – International Conference on Information and Software Technologies

The ICIST Conference is hosted by the biggest technical university in the Baltic States – Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). ICIST 2021 aims to bring together researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in all major areas and interdisciplinary areas of Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Technology Applications. In […]

Data Insights Conference

How do you ensure that the data available in your company will lead to new insights, applications, innovations and ultimately to added value? The Data Insights Conference is the one-day event where various business professionals and data teams come together to find inspiration and solutions to their issues, including creating value and getting actionable insights […]

OnAIr – AI knowledge platform

Would you like to learn more about AI and data science in a creative and inspiring way? Sign up now for our onAIr knowledge-sharing platform, where we broadcast an interactive and creative broadcast devoted to Artificial Intelligence every two months. The first broadcast is scheduled for 5 October 2021. Combined production of Intellerts and partners […]