AIFA – Artificial Intelligence Finance Analytics

The project aims to create an ecosystem of finance and audit analytics designed to automate business, financial and internal audit activities using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine training (ML), and big data technologies. A team of experienced specialists will develop a modern, multifaceted, integrated, and modular platform for data management and analytics. The aim is to enable business organizations, financial experts, banks, accountants, business consultants, auditors, and data scientists to develop finance, business productivity management, and internal audit data products.

The AIFA platform will provide designed models of AI and machine training, tailored to automate financial and business performance management tasks. Modeling will be facilitated to a level that can be used by business-level users; without the need for in-depth knowledge of data science. The project develops new and more efficient advanced-augmented analysis algorithms and methods based on new AI, ML, and NLP modeling techniques.

The platform is developed as a modern data and analytics application for the delivery of data-driven and augmented company financial services to increase the innovative and R&D potential of Intellerts company, by attracting foreign direct investment into R&D activities.

During the project research and creation of professional services methodologies and data analysis methods for delivery of data-driven & augmented company financial services were carried out. Software components for company finance and analytics were researched and designed.

During the project, we created the platform prototype of modern data and analytics application for the delivery of data-driven & augmented company financial services.

Project Financed by European Regional Development Fund

Project name: Artificial Intelligence Finance Analytics

Project manager: UAB “Intellerts”

Project partner: Kaunas University of Technologies

Project start date: 01.06.2020

Project finish date: 30.06.2022


UAB “Intellerts” contact details: Studentu st. 3A-9, 50232 Kaunas, Lithuania, mob.: +370 620 19876, e. mail:

More information about the project can be found here: (in Lithuanian)

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