Open data is here, now what?

Open data is here, now what?

We have good news.

We have a lot of open data.

In Holland, I believe there are about four or five thousand open data sources.

That is great news, right?

But while we’re not short on data, we are short on insights. I don’t need to tell you that open data doesn’t equate to open insights. And this is where we need good data-schooled people to contribute and share to the community.

But, you might think, we have an open economy and an open government. We are sharing a lot of documents. What else do we need to do?

Well, I’d argue that we don’t seem to be getting more knowledge out of all of that data.

What we really need is people that take the time to not just collect that raw data but to combine it. Because one open data source is often not enough to get any real, useful insights. You need multiple open data sources. And then you must explore that open data to understand what you can learn from it.

So, to any data scientist or data analyst, I say this: use open data but then give back some open insights.

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