Commonalities healthcare vs accountancy

What are the commonalities between healthcare and accountancy? Let’s compare some of our use cases in these two industries now.

We have created solutions for both the healthcare and accountancy sectors. We have created a data-driven analysis platform for accountants. We have also created a healthcare platform where wearable data was used to help people understand how to improve their well-being or recover from an illness.

Are there any commonalities between those two use cases?

In short, yes. Of course, there are commonalities between the technologies used. One of them is about the willingness from both groups to change with new technologies.

We found that the technology is only a part of the puzzle.

Real change starts when you provide much more than the data, insights, dashboards, alerts or other such features. Changes are required in terms of the ways these two groups have been working.

We saw this commonality in the worlds of accountancy and health care.

A second commonality is the fact that they are both working within a current business model. Often, they are locked into these business models where pay-by-the-hour systems are regularly used – and that’s a potential inhibitor for change.

Yes, you can build a great technology, but if there are no changes happening to the way that their business models work, you might as well give up on these initiatives before they’ve even started.

Although seemingly different, the implementation and acceptance challenges are very similar for both the healthcare and accountancy sectors.

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