AI is not plug and play

AI is not plug and play. Data science is not plug and play either.

We know the steps to take to make something work. The components for this process are crucial. Some of these components are algorithms and tools. But they’re not as free as they often claim to be. It’s important to realize that.

To make things work, you need to ditch the notion of steps entirely. Instead, data science is a cycle, one where you make a total solution work for you.

Algorithms might be available, but they are not successful in isolation.

Tools are available. Open source is available. By definition, everything’s available and open, but many components do not make one solution.

Remember, you need to put time, effort, and energy to build a data science solution. You need to do this across your data science cycle. Because data science is not plug and play. AI is not plug and play.”

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