Use Case

Intensive care in finance – Continuous monitoring

About the Client

International bank with significant lending portfolio in corporate lending market.

The Challenge

Monitoring portfolios of customers can be a challenging undertaking. Providing credit is one thing, assuring that customers remain healthy in their operations and results is more then just monitoring on time payments. Managing risk requires a forward looking perspective and relevant signals that provide transparency on the health of company’s business.

In a rapid changing market in the midst of a pandemic is a double challenge. Market climate change and additional regulatory requirements are driving the need for a more granular way of monitoring outstanding client portfolios.

The Solution

Taking charge of the complex process of client data processing was a first step to improving transparency and understanding. Integration and implementation of robust early warning provided not only significant efficiency gains, but above all sight on much more relevant company signals that enabled the bank to have a real-time pulse of the quality of the portfolios assets.


Credit risk department efficiency significantly improved, but more importantly the bank was able to have much more meaningful interaction with their clients about their business, possible continuity challenges and remedies to offered at a stage that supported client business and secured the asset values. On top of potential frauduleus cases are identified using this solution.


Head of credit risk and restructuring : “This real-time monitoring allows us to concentrate on clients interest and support at the right time, instead of putting a lot of effort restructuring client cases.”

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