Use Case

Procuring and wasting?

About the Client

Processing was for millions of complex industrial components requires combination of sophisticated logistical chain and the right technologies. With a 350m revenue and multiple locations managing these flows is requiring operational excellence at all levels.

The Challenge

The company was confronted with a lack of transparency in cost of operations. In a number of consecutive years cost was increasing without an understanding of the underlying root causes.

Management information was scattered, diverse, inconsistent and incomplete throughout the company. Multiple data sources, data warehouses and reporting solutions were compounding the problem.

The Solution

Using our platform integration capabilities we onboarded over 20 different sources and processes over 100m of records. Combined with restructuring the underlying source data we accelerated the data operations process significantly. Our action oriented insights provided the necessary transparency. Spotting process inconsistencies and anomalies helped to unravel the underlying root causes quickly. Providing monitoring services ankers this solution for follow-up and continuous improvement.


Intellerts provided advanced insights demonstrating that 85% of total expenses had limited controls next to that numerous process improvement opportunities were identified. Accumulated savings amounted to $5m+.


CFO : “In previous efforts we have not been able to combine and integrate this number of data sources, the Intellerts solution has provided us an acceleration and helped us to achieve significant cost savings”


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