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How much do major events influence you?

Each generation has had its own set of trials, tribulations and triumphs. In a way, these mark that era, and define the meaning for the age. 


Below are some significant events that shaped the decade and the years to come. Without these, we wouldn’t have the world we live in today.


  • WWII 
  • Separating the atom 
  • Walking on the moon 
  • China entering the global market 
  • Fall of communism 
  • COVID19 global Pandemic


These are global events, there are, of course, your own personal events that have significantly shaped your life. People, places, and activities have an indelible mark on you – who you are, your personality, the way you view the world.


If you think back to major historical events that have had an impact on you, you’ll probably find they happened when you were relatively young. In fact, it’s these early experiences that have shaped your ideology, morals, and perspective. This theory was proposed by Karl Mannheim, a Hungarian psychologist. He basically asserted that your social consciousness and perspective are significantly shaped by the “generation in actuality”, meaning major historical events in which you were directly involved (Like being part of the pandemic, or participating in tearing down the wall of Berlin).


Today’s current age of actuality has already experienced a global pandemic and the rise of social media. This means they will probably feel the interconnection of events in a way even greater than those of earlier generations. So it is, that in ever-changing trends, technologies, national and worldwide events shape each generation. But what if you could take it a step further? What if you could somehow show this theory?


Thats exactly what we thought too!


So, we decided to make an interactive dashboard to show it.


Now, you get a chance to dive deeper into various generations (the Intellerts way) with an interactive dashboard!


Here you have a pre-defined hackathon created by multiple Data Science talents that we have inhouse. Our team created a dashboard that connects different data sources to get current insights, while also making it easy to use, clear and attractive. And it’s based on Karl Mannheim’s theory about generations.


Just click on your year of birth and see which historical events, both Dutch and worldwide, influenced you when you were younger. You can also click on the image for more information about that specific event.


Enjoy this timeline of events! 

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