SLTN and Intellerts enter strategic partnership to take data-driven working to next level

Today, SLTN announced a strategic partnership with Intellerts, a consultancy that maximises the potential of AI and Data Science. Both companies have formed this long-term partnership to further support organisations in harnessing the value hidden in data.

SLTN provides data, application, technology and infrastructure services, as well as a range of hardware, software and Cloud solutions. Intellerts provides its extensive experience and expertise in supporting companies with complex issues around data engineering, advanced analytics and MLOps. The partnership adds an additional layer of support to SLTN’s current offering, providing customers with a full-service solution to successfully transform into data-driven organisations and future-proof their technology to realise real business value.

According to SLTN and Intellerts, there is an urgent need for such in-depth Data Science consultancy services. Organisations now need to constantly keep pace with future demands and make complex choices, fast. Therefore, many businesses want to transform into data-driven organisations because data creates in-depth insights that can be translated into specific actions and better decision-making.

However, it takes more than technology and a good dataset to be future-proof. The challenge therefore lies in developing data-driven policies, processes and executions. Thanks to the collaboration of SLTN and Intellerts, clients can now get advice and support to make an impact with data. This includes developing innovative data-driven services, but also improving internal operations to optimise processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

“Becoming a data-driven company is not always easy and there are likely to be some hurdles to overcome along the way. This is because data and technology by themselves do not necessarily make an organisation more successful. What is also needed is a change in mindset and commitment from executives and employees,” said Martin Haagoort, CEO at Intellerts. “SLTN is known for its technical expertise and has helped many organisations in the field of data management and business intelligence. Intellerts has the necessary knowledge to solve business issues from Data Science. Together, we have all the competences to successfully transform organisations into data-driven organisations.”

“We find that besides IT challenges, many of our customers want to be unburdened on business issues where data plays or should play an important role,” said Eugène Tuijnman, CEO of SLTN. “Intellerts can provide advice and support to solve such challenges. After all, they have strategic knowledge and the practical experience to interpret complex data issues and provide relevant advice. By combining this knowledge with the SLTN portfolio, we can offer clients a full-service solution and guide them throughout their transformation to a data-driven organisation.”

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