Generations Dashboard

generations dashboard

How much do major events influence you? Each generation has had its own set of trials, tribulations and triumphs. In a way, these mark that era, and define the meaning for the age.    Below are some significant events that shaped the decade and the years to come. Without these, we wouldn’t have the world […]

How Intellerts keeps your data secure (with ISO 27001)

Table of content Today, data security is like toughened skin keeping out diseases, weather, and attacks. If you don’t have good data security, your organisation is like a body without skin – all those vital parts of your organisation are wide open to attack. An attack doesn’t always mean a breach. As soon as there […]

An Evaluative Study of MLOps Tools

Table of content In this article, we’ll be discussing the emerging field of MLOps and the unique tooling needed. We at Intellerts help clients with bringing their ML products to the (often overlooked) next level: operations. Setting the Stage – the ML Lifecycle This section describes a generic pipeline that is common for real-world modeling […]

Het Energietransitie Dashboard

Energy dashboard

Intellerts’ Energietransitie Dashboard toont en vergelijkt vernieuwende duurzaamheidskansen. Het dashboard combineert verschillende databronnen tot een uniek inzicht. Uitbreiding van databronnen is mogelijk. Groene toekomst Het Nederlands overheidsbeleid geeft richting aan hoe de Nederlandse samenleving als geheel kan bijdragen aan een groene(re) toekomst. Duurzaamheid in energiegebruik is een deeloplossing van dit doel en valt onder het […]

Data Science Maturity Scan

Data Science is a growing necessity for future-proof companies. Identify in which areas you excel and what your key focus points should be. We created a maturity scan that addresses data, Data Science applications, business analytics, tooling, infrastructure, team, and leadership. Fill out the questionnaire and you will receive a rich report with recommendations on […]