The Journey of Business Intelligence

“OK, I want to take you on a journey.

Most of you are considering to start using AI in your company. Unfortunately, AI is not plug and play. It takes quite some effort, although all the tech prophets make you believe it’s very easy and it’s almost a commodity, it’s absolutely not the case.

It’s a journey you need to step into. You need to start, of course, as most of you will understand this with unpacking your data, which sometimes can look like a black hole. Unpacking your data. Structuring your data.

It almost goes through like a stargate before you can do anything with it. And the stargate helps you to structure it, to slice it, to prepare it for the next stage.

The next stage is that you want to say, OK, well, I want to get basic understanding of how my business is doing.

We call it BI.

Often we associate BI with business intelligence tools and this associated with real intelligence of our business.

So it’s important you can have the tool, but doesn’t mean that you’re intelligent about it. So that’s important.

The first station, the first planet where are you going to land, is the BI planet.

Then you’re going to extract from that insights, visualizations, dashboards… to create some alerts, to collaborate with your coworkers or your customers. And that brings you on a journey where eventually… you want to apply AI or other traditional statistical techniques to be predictive instead of looking back.

So when you are going to embark on the journey, understand that you… first need to land on the Moon before you gonna go on a Journey to Mars”

– Martin Haagoort

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