Humans, not algorithms

To help you understand when to use AI, I want to talk about your algorithmic and non-algorithmic attributes. Now, what are those?

We tend to assume that everything can be modeled. We assume that everything can be calculated, and thereby conclude that we can solve our problems with enough data and technology. That is true in some circumstances, but there are many problems that cannot be solved with technology alone. And many of those problems are human in nature.

There’s the soft side to consider,  known as qualia. This term incorporates your senses, feelings and happiness, all those attributes that you cannot quantify but you know exist. In other words, all those attributes that you cannot put into a model. It may sound obvious, but we cannot solve everything with models and technology alone. And if you want to succeed in data science and AI, you must keep an eye on non-algorithmic human attributes.

Because you’re not an algorithm, you’re a human.

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