The Journey of implementing AI

Implementing AI is a long road. But what do you need to succeed on this journey?

Many companies want to implement AI in some shape or form.

But they need to understand that AI is not a plug and play solution.

It is a journey you need to go on. And it’s important to consider some steps to succeed on this journey.

Simply put, when implementing AI, it always starts with your data. First, you must unpack your data and structure it.

Next, it’s important to understand the basics of your business. To achieve this, business intelligence and visualization tools can help.

After that, you want to gain insights from those visualizations and BI. Then, you need to communicate those insights to your team.

Eventually, you may end up applying AI in its truest form. That’s the whole journey.

Unfortunately, many businesses often fall at the first hurdle, underestimating the data side of the journey. To many, their corporate data is a supermassive black hole. We call it a black hole because we often do not know where the data is.

There is no knowledge on how it’s structured or how to get to it. Many companies also don’t know how to unpack it to start working with it.

So, that’s a big challenge. And many wonder if data is the new corporate gold. But how can we discover this new gold when we don’t know where to look? When we don’t know exactly what to look for?

We can help you mine your data and discover your corporate gold. This is our area of expertise, and we can help you.

We can assess your data sources, how unstructured or structured your data is. Once that it determined, we can offer you the right tools to start exploring your data.

If you want to shine a light on your data, please feel free to book an appointment and we can start this journey, together.

Martin Haagoort

Free AI Journey Assessment

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