Debunking the AI Myth

AI myth

Martin Haagoort, CEO of Intellerts, debunking the AI myth: Is your brain a computer? “First of all, it’s a myth to my opinion, and it’s a myth that’s being commonly used by everyone. It’s fed by Hollywood, not by science. And we all use this myth in our day-to-day discussions with regards to AI. I think […]

Every Consultant is a Data Scientist – Right?

It’s time for consultants to start practising what they preach. Analyzing the LinkedIn profiles of more than 350 consulting firms, 12% mention data science and AI in some way. But only 1% of the consultant population is actually a data scientist. Why the disparity? While the number of data scientists is increasing rapidly, one thing […]

The Journey of Business Intelligence

“OK, I want to take you on a journey. Most of you are considering to start using AI in your company. Unfortunately, AI is not plug and play. It takes quite some effort, although all the tech prophets make you believe it’s very easy and it’s almost a commodity, it’s absolutely not the case. It’s a journey you need […]

Everyone is a Data Scientist

Prologue white paper

The shortage of Data Science talent is well documented. Organizations face an uphill struggle to recruit (and retain) Data Scientists and, for now, we just must deal with this fact. But this situation is changing. Coding is regularly touted as an essential skill and is now a popular classroom activity with many children now taking […]

Data Quality

In this short video, our CEO Martin Haagoort explains the main attributes of data quality: uniqueness, completion, timeliness, and consistency. Improving the quality of your data information will lead to outstanding outcomes.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It may seem complex, but the equation is simple: sort, filter, select. CEO of Intellerts, Martin Haagoort, gives his own definition of AI in a surprisingly quick and informative way.

It’s the data (model), stupid!

In our current age of digitization and AI, data is growing at an astonishing rate. Everyone agrees. And everyone expects AI to have a dramatic impact on our society and workplaces. Well, AI is already having a major impact across a range of real-world scenarios. But these scenarios are relatively narrow, limiting the impact of […]

Every Database is Biased

“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.” To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee AI and data science adoption rates are soaring as more organizations pursue a data-driven agenda. But have you stopped to consider the ethics of AI? It’s a complex undertaking, with many businesses struggling to apply ethical […]

Sorry, Your Brain is NOT like a Computer

AI is everywhere. You interact or rely on such systems in one form or another, every day. Yet, AI is a commonly misunderstood technology, where the realm of science fiction seems to encroach on the real world, relying on science fact. To overcome this, we all must develop our thinking and gain a basic understanding of […]

Here’s What the Tech Prophets Don’t Want You to Know

We live in a world where half truths, metaphors and fake news pollute the airways. AI is no exception. In recent times, we’ve seen this technology move out of the realms of science fiction and into science fact. But how can you work out what’s real and what’s not in the world of AI? You […]