Is AI going to make things easy?

In this video, Martin Haagoort, CEO of Intellerts, gives his opinion to a very common question: Is AI going to make things easy?

“Sometimes, AI appears to be the solution to every problem we have. It certainly feels like there are only success stories in the realm of AI.

But when is AI actually going to make things easy? That’s a more difficult question to answer. Of course, AI is making a real difference in certain areas. Great progress is being made. But, as with every new technology, there are also several failures. These failures are rarely publicly advertised. So, it’s important to realize when AI is working and when it’s not working.

Of course, it’s attractive to talk about success stories. It’s not so attractive to talk about failures. As we’ve seen with the e-commerce boom, as well as with the CRM surge at the start of the century, more than 80% of the technology investments actually fail.

It’s important to realize the situation that we’re in right now. Many tech platforms make AI sound easy. These AI tools, algorithms and platforms are often available for free with readily available data. This makes it seem like the right AI solution is also readily available. This gives the impression that AI is easy to use and apply.

In reality, there’s a lot of work to make AI work. Everyone realizes it requires investment, but there are other factors such as time and experience. We can almost conclude that failures are required as well to learn and progress. But there is no cookie-cutter approach here. You need an innovative mindset. You need not only the financial means and time to run a successful AI project but also hard work and dedication to this challenging field”.

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