Is AI going to make things easy?

Martin Haagoort, CEO of Intellerts, debunking the AI myth: Is your brain a computer?

“First of all, it’s a myth to my opinion, and it’s a myth that’s being commonly used by everyone.

It’s fed by Hollywood, not by science. And we all use this myth in our day-to-day discussions with regards to AI. I think it’s important because it has a lot of negative impact. When we fully embrace this myth that our brain is a computer.

Somehow, it is logical that we think like that because we as sense making beings like to model reality in order for us to better understand reality.

And there is this neural net which we use in AI and we have a kind of a network in our brain as well, and I think it’s important that we realize the limitations of AI, that it’s not as complicated and brilliant as our brain works.

What AI does is it selects data, sorts data, filters data and it doesn’t think. We use the word think about computer, but a computer doesn’t think. It just executes fairly simple tasks.

AI is very important and it will change a lot of things we do and it’s already changing a lot of things we do but we don’t need to fear it at all because it’s a computer following instructions.

An algorithm that’s what we use, is inherently dumb. It’s an instruction step one, step two, step three and you do this. So there is no intelligence is needed. We just are very much impressed by it because it moves fast. And we should be using it and embracing it, but we should not be fearing it”.

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