Visualizations – the brain follows the heart

This time I want to talk to you about visualizations. Actually, I want to talk to your heart.

What do I mean? We want to talk about data, right? We want to talk about AI. What’s the heart got to do with that?

Well, if you look at something visual, it’s not your mind that responds to it first, it’s your heart.

Let me tell you an anecdote. I was once presenting to a senior executive from one of the largest banks in Holland. I was showing him a graph, an animated graph, which featured these bubbles that went up into the air. And he said to me, Martin, this is really great, but what is it? Can you show me more?

This person had engaged with my visualization. I had showed him something very advanced, of course, but they point here is that this visualization talked to his heart before it engaged with his mind.

This is what happens when you share an exceptional visualization. People are touched and then they activate their brain, wanting to understand more.

So, that’s why a good visualization is absolutely vital to tell your data story. Because if it talks to the heart then the mind will follow.

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