Open data is here, now what?

Open data is here, now what?

Open data is here, now what? We have good news. We have a lot of open data. In Holland, I believe there are about four or five thousand open data sources. That is great news, right? But while we’re not short on data, we are short on insights. I don’t need to tell you that […]

What makes an AI start-up fail?

what makes an AI strat-up fail

Who doesn’t want to work for an AI startup? Everyone, right? And there are so many of them at the moment. But what you may not realize is that AI is a hard business and most start-ups fail. But no one talks about that. No one wants to talk about failures. But I do. So, […]

Visualizations – the brain follows the heart

visualizations - the brain follows the heart

This time I want to talk to you about visualizations. Actually, I want to talk to your heart. What do I mean? We want to talk about data, right? We want to talk about AI. What’s the heart got to do with that? Well, if you look at something visual, it’s not your mind that […]

Humans, not algorithms

humans not algorithmics

To help you understand when to use AI, I want to talk about your algorithmic and non-algorithmic attributes. Now, what are those? We tend to assume that everything can be modeled. We assume that everything can be calculated, and thereby conclude that we can solve our problems with enough data and technology. That is true […]

Data management strategy

data management

Let’s talk about data strategy. It’s not really a sexy topic, but it’s absolutely fundamental if you want to succeed in data science. And I don’t want to talk to you about the technology sitting behind your data. I want to talk to you about the soft side of your data. The soft side of […]

AI can be a red herring

AI can be a red herring

AI can be a red herring. It’s easy to believe in the myth of the AI silver bullet. But you can debunk AI myths by identifying those red herrings. So what is a red herring? A red herring is when you are misled and the real problem is hidden from you. While companies like to […]

Don’t neglect the soft side of Data Science

When talking about the soft side of data science, there’s a story that’s often left untold. You may think that you don’t need to hear this story because you have plenty of technology experts. You know, the programmers, the database specialists, the Microsofts of this world and so on. But there is a soft side […]

SLTN and Intellerts enter strategic partnership to take data-driven working to next level

intellerts and SLTN

Today, SLTN announced a strategic partnership with Intellerts, a consultancy that maximises the potential of AI and Data Science. Both companies have formed this long-term partnership to further support organisations in harnessing the value hidden in data. SLTN provides data, application, technology and infrastructure services, as well as a range of hardware, software and Cloud […]

Commonalities healthcare vs accountancy

Microlearning 5 healthcare vs accountancy

What are the commonalities between healthcare and accountancy? Let’s compare some of our use cases in these two industries now. We have created solutions for both the healthcare and accountancy sectors. We have created a data-driven analysis platform for accountants. We have also created a healthcare platform where wearable data was used to help people […]

Automating AI

Automating AI

Automating AI is not really a topic that is high on everyone’s agenda. Everyone wants to talk about machine learning and AI, but automating AI is a different game. Most of what we see is the result of very successful AI applied in a very small domain. However, most companies want to apply AI in […]